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Grand Junction, CO based artist Aaron Acker, born in 1985, has never been far from a paint brush. He began painting when he was 3 years old, and had a piece entered in his first judged exhibition at the age of 4 1/2.



His work has been seen in Alternative Spaces Exhibitions, University Galleries, Private Exhibitions, public galleries, two national calendars, and various other shows. Aaron was also Denver RAWs Visual Artist of the Year in 2012.


Currently living in Fruita, CO, Aaron Acker currently has artwork displayed at the Rose Hue Gallery in downltown Fruita.



Denver RAW's Visual Artist of the Year 2012 Aaron AckerArtist Statement


“My art is the visual representation of the world through my eyes..Every painting is influenced by the events of my life as an artist, and nothing more than love influences my art. The themes of my work can best be described as the visual metaphor for the joy, pain, excitement or sorrow that I’m living through at the moment. My portraits are meant to express my view of the person, and are my way of connecting with a person that I typically could never connect with. My still life pieces are truly another way for me to express the fulfillment or emptiness in ones life.


While I work primarily in oils, the subject matter for which I’m painting and the style that subject demands determines what process I take in creating each piece. When I paint people I attempt to meet and get to know that person even if on the smallest of levels before starting the piece. I believe this process is crucial to the piece and highly determines how the painting will be painted. With still life and landscape paintings I attempt to surround myself with the subject matter, and allow myself to consume any feeling or experience the subject may have to offer. In all of life I believe that my passion, soul and compassion gives me an unique view and that my purpose as an artist is to show that view of the worlds beauty through my art. ”


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