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Commissions   F & Q

Most of the commissioned art that I do are portraits, many are anniversary presents to loved ones, others keepsakes for future family generations. When people ask about commissioned art, portraits or otherwise, I get a lot of the same questions. This article is to help any person with any of those questions. And we’ll start with the most common question:


Q: How much does it cost to commission art


A: I base the cost of a commissioned art on two things. The size of the painting is the largest determining factor, with the complexity of specifics of the piece having a smaller significance. Here is a table to get a rough estimate on prices on different sized paintings, but keep in mind these are averages, so feel free to contact me to get a detailed quote. Keep in mind that I do require 1/2 Down Payment on all commissioned artwork.


Q: Do you work from photographs?cardled masonite artists canvas


A: Yes, I always work from photographs. I typically always work from photographs, I would hate to make someone sit and wait while I painted their portrait, especially because it can take 3 weeks to 2 months depending on the scale and detail of the portrait.  I prefer to always work from my own photography, and can do a simple photo shoot at my location or yours after basic ideas for the portrait have been established.


Q: What options do you offer in your paintings?


A: I try to give my clients as many options as possible with any commissioned painting. These can include the painting being painted on canvas or cradled Masonite. Matching colors to home decor and with the cradled Masonite, staining the cradled wood to match other furniture. I get a lot of questions regarding what is a cradled masonite canvas. So here is a picture that may help explain exactly what it is that I tend to paint on.


Q: What subjects can I commission?


A: Again, portraits seem to be the majority of my commissions, but I also do a lot of floral and still life paintings for home decor. Along with Portraits, Florals, Landscapes, I have done automotive commissions, and other ‘product specific’ paintings for business. The possibilities are vast, so feel free to contact me to see if I can make your idea come to life.


Q: What should I expect in this process for a portrait?


A: I try to make the process of having your portrait painted as simple as possible. A portrait painting can take a couple weeks, to a couple months to complete, and because of the time required I work from photographs. I typically expect to work from photos that I take, and because most people aren’t used to  standing in front of a camera I have a list of questions that typically help determine what you would like in your portrait.


Those questions typically include:


favorite color

if you looking for glamor, casual, romantic,

bust/head shot, half body, full body

clothed, implied, nude

style (realistic vs. contemporary etc)


If you have any other questions regarding commissioning artwork, feel free to contact me.

Masonite art panel canvas cradled on wooden frame.